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With Devil’s Night fast approaching, Detroit is teetering on the edge of destruction. It’s up to Crestar, Detroit’s action-figure-obsessed psychopathic vigilante, and his newfound partner, an apparently indestructible super-human named Ali. If all goes to plan, Crestar and The Knight Stallion may just save the city…as long as they don’t get each other killed first. 


A deadly creature of the night, Crestar wields tech like a superpower and dishes out justice with no mercy. Now if he can just manage to put together a semi-coherent sentence in front of a female, he might just be the hero we all deserve. 


An Iraqi immigrant, Knight Stallion, is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, fly through the air, and save people on a daily basis, but still has to be home by 10 PM or face the wrath of his Arabic mother, who might just be a little scarier than his enemies. 


buddy, the comics have been killing it. What’s next?

I can’t wait to see how bad-ass I look

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