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About Us
Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad

Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, an award winning film director and producer is the co-creator and writer of Crestar and The Knight Stallion. Ajmal is the concept and character designer for the project as well as the director of the live action production.

Abdallah Jasim

Abdallah Jasim, a successful stand up comedian and social media personality, is the co-creator and writer of Crestar and The Knight Stallion. In addition to managing the production of the epic comic book series, he also plays a title role in the live action production.

Martin Eden

Martin has been reading comics since he was 7, starting with UK humor comics, then heading over to Marvel/DC, and eventually to indie comics, especially Love and Rockets. Martin was an Editor for Titan Comics for over 20 years, working on lots of comics (Robotech, The Raid, Dreamworks) and magazines (The X-Files, Star Trek, Buffy). He has created several comic series, including The O Men, Spandex, Zeros and The Mysterious Doors of Stanley Halls. 

Paul Allor

One of the biggest comic fans you can ever meet, Paul has been involved in the writing and creative process of some of the biggest names in the comic world including GI Joe and TMNT.