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Little is known about Detroit’s vigilante other than his short fuse and determination to save his city. Crestar is a deadly creature of the night who uses his love for invention, augmented body armor, and his carefully crafted playlists to rid the streets of Detroit from criminal scum. Being supported by Chris Reigle, he is able to overcome many challenges thrown at him, unless that challenge happens to be an attractive girl that shows even an ounce of interest in him. With Firebreather and Chris backing him up, Crestar has been the one thing stopping Detroit from plunging into complete chaos. Maybe deep down Crestar is only fighting to keep his massive pop-culture memorabilia collection safe. 

Knight Stallion

The Knight Stallion, aka Ali, lost his dad during the 1st Gulf war and then immigrated to the United States with his mom. For reasons unknown, Ali seems to be indestructible, which gives him confidence as he takes on the enemies trying to destroy his city. Despite his indestructible nature and the fact that he spends his nights saving the citizens of Detroit, he still has to be home in time for dinner or risk feeling the wrath of Arab mother.


After many versions and revisions, Firebreather was created as an AI assistant for Crestar. Created mainly to control the car it was named after, Firebreather has evolved to help Crestar monitor the city, assist in battle, and solve problems in a fraction of the time a regular computer is able to. That being said, it may still need some adjustments to its attitude. 

Devils Knight

Paying homage to the annual tradition where youth would engage in criminal behavior leading up to Halloween, Devil’s Knight has his eyes set on the destruction of Detroit. Armed with a high-tech arsenal, an army of united petty criminals, and fear, Devil’s Knight plans to orchestrate the destruction of the city only to rebuild it in his own image, taking power from those he has deemed unworthy and returning to the people. 

Detroit City

Once the heart beat of America, Detroit has seen better days. Corruption, crime, and violence run rampant through the city leaving its citizens in fear. The Police Department has been spread even thinner leading up to the infamous annual tradition Devils Night, that threatens to burn the city to the ground. Now, there seems to be an increase in viciousness on the streets, as it seems there maybe a unifying force behind these activities. Is Americas beloved city destined for destruction or will Crestar and The Knight Stallion succeed as its guardians?

It’s Devil’s Night, a time for mischief, arson and mayhem in the city of Detroit! Crestar, the city’s long standing champion, is doing his best to hold back the tide of violence, armed only with his combat skills and his state-of-the-art tech. But when Crestar discovers an Iraqi immigrant with incredible powers, he realizes that he must take him under his wing, and develop him into the hero Crestar knows he can be. Will Crestar succeed in his mission to create the savior of Detroit? Will Ali be able to balance his personal life and his newfound responsibilities to his city? Will either of them ever finally find a wife?  

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